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Multi State Permit to Carry

The MN and Multi-State Permit to Carry Course provides the students* with the required knowledge and certification to become a MN and Multi-State permit to carry holder. The added multi-state training gives the students the required certification for the Florida state permit. The Florida state permit holder can carry in 12 states beyond what the MN Carry Permit allows.

The MN & Multi-State Permit to Carry Course is not intended for persons without prior handgun experience or training. We will train you without previous training, but we strongly encourage you to first take an NRA Firearms course prior to this class or to take the NRA Basic Pistol & MN Permit to Carry Combination Course.

The MN & Multi-State Permit to Carry Course is 8 hours in length and includes classroom and range time. The course explains the basics of how to develop a personal protection plan, what you need to know about handguns, Minnesota state laws and also out of state laws concerning the legal use of force, as well as essential gear.

The class textbook Minnesota Permit to Carry a Firearm Fundamentals is not included in the price of the class.

Students may borrow a Pro Carry Copy of the textbook or buy the book for an additional fee. Your own book which will be given to you at the class can be ordered here. (The handbook is an EXCELLENT reference for permit to carry holders, and Pro Carry strongly suggests that students buy the book for themselves.)

Included with the MN & Multi-state class at NO additional cost to the student: Price: $135

  1. Range Fees
  2. Ammunition (.22 Caliber only)
  3. Lunch 

Price: $135

*Each student who completes the course is awarded a certificate of completion. State laws do not issue permits to persons under 21 years of age.

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